”My Fellow Placentarian”

Jag blev precis hedrad av en doulakollega på Facebook. Jag blev alldeles rörd men stolt och frågade om jag fick dela inlägget och det gick såklart bra. Ni får även en gammal bild på mig och min kompis Johanna från sommaren hon flyttade från Göteborg till Insjön och jag åkte dit och firade min nionde födelsedag ?

Exceptional humans of Gothenburg:
Today featuring Doula, Breastfeeding consultant and Birthing coach Frida.
In my telephone-contact list, i have lovingly named Frida ”My fellow Placentarian” (The background to this name i leave to the imagination) In this image Frida is still a child, but from the way she hugs her best friend, it can be seen that Frida is all about love support and connection. There have been many times i call Frida when i am in a total fix saying: ”Frida there is a woman, who you don’t know, whom you have never met, but she is in labour and she needs support right now”. Frida has then revved up her Doula van and grabbed her Doula bag filled with a medley of heavenly healing thingy-majigies. Without a sigh or a second thought she has then headed towards the mother and her imminent child. Arriving with positive energy and a tireless belief in women’s ability to be strengthened in their birthing experience through compassionate support.
Thank you Frida! If anyone should need a Doula, or support with breastfeeding, Frida is your Go-to-Girl!!!

DoulaFrida & Johanna 1984