Varför inte lyda goa doula-kollegan Jenny G här i Göteborg och göra ett ”vilkentypavdoulaärdu”-test en sån här skön fredagkväll?
Svaret förvånade mig inte 😄
The Bohemian
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You are drawn to the natural and the simple. You draw from different modalities when you are offering support which is such a gift for anyone who is in your care. It would not be out of character for you to offer support that encompasses all of the senses such as acupressure, reiki, aromatherapy, art therapy or homeopathics. Your appreciation of beauty and your kind nature creates a peaceful experience working with you. In turn your clients feel calm in your presence. Women are drawn to your open, guiding spirit so your skills are best used in the community working towards an important cause or change. 
Another wonderful Bohemian doula is Marissa Bolanos out of Olympia WA. She is a doula & Menstrual Health Educator and is beyond lovely! She is a graduate of the bebo mia Doula Business School and found that she received lots of support with narrowing down her interests for her target market – so helpful since she had so many to draw upon. Marissa is a very talented videographer, artist and a master hulahooper. See more about her here: