Ina May Gaskin 8e december 2011

Så var det dags för oss att uppleva Ina May Gaskin!

Hon tilldelades det alternativa Nobelpriset Right Livelihood Award i Stockholm den 5e december 2011 och nu är det dags för Göteborg!!! Wihooo!

Först ut, 13-16, är:
Preserving the skills of midwives and obstetricians
For the safety of mothers and babies we must keep our professional skills well-honed. In Europe, we should not follow the lead of the USA in putting technology first, while forgetting the manual skills that are still essential. Ina May will talk about why good cooperation between midwives and doctors is vital and tell moving stories from her 40 years of experience as a midwife.

Sedan, 18-20:30, kommer:
Women can give birth!
Women’s bodies are very capable of giving birth. We do not learn enough about this as we grow up. There are many horror stories about birth that circulate instead of helpful information, with the result that many women do not trust their bodies and are afraid of giving birth. Ina May will give us many encouraging examples of how the body works well in birth. She will also talk about the kind of care that is helpful.